Epeé Nazár, called Peppe, is our fantastic pony. The most chill pony in any kind of handling, with a very warm and friendly personality. Epeé came to us 1 year ago as a Christmas present, shipped from Irland, but with a Portugisian origin. He jumps like a star and is always keen on hinder. Has some great result up to MSV B during the year 2022 and up to 1.30 m with previous rider.


Barselo, who we call Freddie, is our hope and hopefully star to be. He is still a youngster, with a mysterious origin from Lithuania, but have show to learn quickly and to mature into a great show jumper. He just loves to be in the arena and get the attention. As the big horse he is we hope that he will take us into the horse jumping, and we will then leave the great time period with ponys behind.


Our third horse is our Baby girl Ceiba. With being just 5 years old, and have delivered a foal 2021 called Bombax, she is progressing absolutely amazing. She has turned out to be very intelligent, decisive and sometimes a bit challenging, but with a great scope that we think will be very interesting to explore with a rider.

Together these three keeps us busy!