Teamrider Lisen Sandström

When we at Hillbay Horses met Lisen at our booth at WEW (there were many wonderful meetings with different people during that week) we immediately talked about the competition, her rounds and results during the week. It's not so strange, we soon understood, because Lisen is very goal-oriented with her riding. With Lisen as a Team Rider with us, we get a fantastic chance to gain knowledge about and insight into both national and international competitions, and being able to cheer her on as part of our Team feels really exciting. We feel absolutely certain that her passion for the sport and horses, as well as the foreskin needed to achieve results, will pay off. It is therefore extra fun that Lisen chose us and that we chose her, and look forward to being able to develop together the products that are perfect for practicing equestrian sports & give the feeling you need as a competition rider!

// Mimmi & Philippa


 "My name is Lisen Sandström, and I am a 17-year-old horse enthusiast from Växjö, Sweden. I have dedicated my life to working with horses, particularly in the discipline of show jumping. With 9 horses in my stable, I am fully committed to reaching new heights in this sport. My ultimate goal is to excel in jumps up to 1.45 meters and beyond. To achieve this, I invest all my time and effort into the stable and on horseback, constantly striving for improvement. I am fortunate to have a strong support team around me, which plays a crucial role in my success in this competitive field. As an experienced rider and aspiring show jumper, I have learned valuable lessons along the way."



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Lisen & her Horses

Dubai W also called "Ruben" the star of the stable if he can say so himself was born in 2009 after Diarado, Aloube Z. He came to us already as a 6 year old.

Elvis is a gelding from England born in 2009 by Wittinger VDL, Zuidhorn. He is a horse with a lot of personality and two big foxes behind his ears who loves to compete.

Quidam de Chanel is a gelding born in 2009 after Quidam de Revel, Corrado 1. He is a fantastic kind horse who does everything for his rider.

Chicago W is Dubai's half-brother. He is a gelding born in 2011 by Canto, Aloube Z. A horse that loves to get all the attention and a lot of kisses.

Detroit is a gelding born in 2017 by Dylan N, Quite Easy. He has just done his first year of competition and he has really shown that he loves it.

In the stable there are also four young horses that are being prepared for future competitions.