Teamrider Clara Lilja

Sometimes everything just clicks together and that was certainly the case when we met Clara & Livius at Westcoast Equestrian Week (WEW). We liked each other instantly and thought the same things about horses, riding, competing and seemed to like the same style of equestrian stuff that we want to produce at Hillbay Horses. Well then, it was so easy and obvious that we want to collaborate with Clara. When on one of the competition days we got to see Clara & Livius in action in one of their nice rounds at the competition - well then it was clear - we want her! We are very much looking forward to getting to know you more and getting your help when it comes to producing equestrian products that we know work & that give you exactly that feeling of confidence that we at Hillbay Horses strive for. Why? Yes, because then we are invincible.
//Mimmi & Philippa



"As an equestrian, I take great pride in my responsibility and dedication to training. I am meticulous when it comes to the well-being of both myself and my horse. Constantly striving for improvement in my sport, I surround myself with skilled trainers and a strong team. My horse, Livius, possesses the remarkable quality of always being there for me, with a heart of gold. His unparalleled thoughtfulness sets him apart, making it his greatest attribute."



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Clara & Livius