Teamrider Holly Beatrix Englund Heilmann

Some things are just meant to be. We believe that it was a great coincidence that we made the effort to go to Värnamobygdens showjumping competition one of the early summer days this year. It became the start of a very inspiring collaboration and that we started to get to know Holly. When we later on met at Grevagården for another showjumping it was decided that we wanted to collaborate. We believe that we have so many things in common and we said that Holly and her family is just the type of people that you instinctively want to spend time together with and we could probably talk for hours about horses, jumping and everything related. And, you feel that you have known them forever! There is nothing we look forward to as much as follow Holly and her horses on there development path which is likely very steep. It will be the result of willpower, ambitious mindset and hard work that Holly persist and we at Hillbay Horses would like to contribute as we can with confidence by our products.

// Mimmi & Philippa

Holly Beatrix Englund Heilmann, a 13-year-old equestrian from Småland, Sweden, shares her experience with HillbayHorses. Holly, who competes on d-ponies and a large horse, has found her favorite riding breeches from HillbayHorses. According to Holly, "I am a real competitor and want to be the best I can be. I love all of Hillbay's clothes, but my favorite is definitely their riding breeches, which are super comfortable! It will be very exciting to collaborate with Hillbay Horses and see what the future holds!"


 Holly & her Horses

Right now we have 6 horses at home on the farm and 5 of them are ridden. We have a pregnant mare, 2 big horses and 3 ponies. I only have one of the ponies temporarily as it is my friends pony and I will try to qualify it for "Sverigeponnyn". I have competed up to 115 cm on the other two.

One of the big horses, I have competed up to 125 cm and placed 2 out of 3 SM qualifier. I have just started competing in the second one as my mother has competed in it before. We have ridden up to 110 cm and in two weekends will debut 115 cm together. I like them all and hope to go as far as possible with them.

Showjumping with Holly & Amra 

Winners Holly & Grodan

Best friends Holly & Klaas