Teamryttare Stephanie Magnusson

We received a message, or actually several messages from ambitious riders that wanted to come in contact with us. It is of course very flattering and fun to hear that other's also like our products and to the extent that they like to work with us to spread the message. One can therefore think it was difficult to choose the team riders but it was not really. We immediately found the message from Stephanie interesting and agreed that she would be a great contributor to the team we want to create. The reasons were quite simple. In her description of herself and her horses it clearly came across that Stephanie is one of these conscious, mature riders that have great ambitions and works steadily towards the goals. With that said she would never put any of her horse at risk and is very considerate when chose how and when to move to next level of advancement. The welfare of the horses she put really high and is always first priority of Stephanie. We are eager to follow her journey and to support her and her horses on their way together and we so confident some great results will come.

Stay tuned!

//Mimmi & Philippa

My name is Stephanie Magnusson, 17 years old and I live on a horse farm just outside Kristianstad. Right now I have three big horses that are trained and raced regularly and two of them are my own. I can help mediate horses and also train and race other people's horses. I am incredibly grateful that Hillbay Horses wants me on their team and we have an exciting time ahead.


You can follow Stephanie here:


Stephanie & her horses (and Dad?)